Gloria's Student Sherry
Congratulations to Sherry Schweinberg for earning Usui Level 1.
New Year's Eve 2018
Gloria had a blast at the Wyhdam in Gettysburg with Tarot Impressions by Charla.
Gloria at Scrone Farms Event
Gloria working an event at the Scrone Farms in Littlestown, PA..
Gloria's student Charla
Congratulations to Charla for earning her Usui Level 1 & 2.
Gloria's student Brenda
Congratulations to Brenda for earning her Usui Level 1 & 2.
Gloria's student Vanessa
Congratulations to Vanessa for earning Usui Level 1.
Gloria earns her Karuna Reiki
Congratulations to Gloria for earning her Karuna Reiki certification!
Gloria's Alternative Therapies
Pet Reiki
Gloria demonstrates pet Reiki on Bear.
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